Portable Gun

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“C” type portable gun

The Obara standard portable gun comes in three main derivatives

UC/UX - Mechanical retract, max electrode force 2450N (250Kgf)
UCH/UXH - Mechanical retract, max electrode force 3430N (350Kgf)
NOC/NOX - Mechanical and pneumatic retract, max electrode force 3230N (3330Kgf)
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“X” type portable gun

Obara’s portable spot welding guns are used in todays modern production environment due to their process flexibility, ease of maintenance, and low cost. Gun selection can be made direct from Obara standard catalogue which is set out in a modular system, making the decision of specification an easier one.
However if your needs are outside these Obara standard options, design specific portable guns are available upon confirmation of your requirements.
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Low and high pressure variants available

Obara manufactures traditional portable guns, pneumatically operated and designed in house to suit any application. Various industry recognised standards are available. Portable guns are predominantly supplied with “low pressure UC and UX” or “high pressure UCH and UXH” designation.